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RISER project commences

The RISER (Resilient Information Systems for Emergency Response) project officially commenced on 16th September 2013. This collaborative project (comprising researchers at the University of Melbourne, IBM Australia, UCSD, Monash University, and the Office of the Fire Services Commissioner Victoria) is improving … Continue reading

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SSTDM-13 paper accepted

The paper “Qualitative spatial structure in complex areal objects using location-free, mobile geosensor networks”, by Alan Both and Matt Duckham, has been accepted for the International Workshop on Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data Mining (SSTDM-13).

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Talk at 2013 SSSI Victorian Spatial Summit

Azadeh presented a talk “From analysing local data toward global decision making  – How can spatial analysis in a GIS be useful in global decision making” at the 2013 SSSI Victorian Spatial Summit.

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ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013 paper accepted

The paper “Spatiotemporal Braitenberg Vehicles”, by Alan Both, Werner Kuhn and Matt Duckham [doi:10.1145/2525314.2525344], has been accepted for ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2013. Source code for the NetLogo simulation (SBV.nlogo) and supporting file (region.png) are available for download (please note that … Continue reading

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Geoinformatica journal article accepted

Jeong, M.-H., Duckham, M. (2013) Decentralized querying of topological relations between regions monitored by a coordinate-free geosensor network. Geoinformatica in press. [doi:10.1007/s10707-012-0174-7]

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ISSNIP 2013 conference article accepted

Jeong, M.-H., Duckham, M. (2013) A coordinate-free, decentralized algorithm for monitoring events occurring to peaks in a dynamic scalar field. Accepted for IEEE ISSNIP 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

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GISRUK 2013 conference article accepted

Bleisch, S., Duckham, M., Lyon, J. and Laube, P. (2013) Identifying candidate causal relationships in fish movement. Extended abstract accepted for GISRUK 2013, Liverpool, UK.

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Dr. Stefan Dulman visits

Dr. Stefan Dulman, Assistant Professor in the Embedded Software Group at Delft University of Technology, visited the group in October 2012.

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GIScience 2012 talk

Jeremy gave a talk (extended abstract) on decentralized detection of convoy patterns at GIScience 2012 (in Columbus, Ohio, on September 20th 2012).

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Journal article accepted to The Computer Journal

The paper “Decentralized monitoring of moving objects in a transportation network augmented with checkpoints” (by Both, A., Duckham, M., Laube, P., Wark, T. and Yeoman, J.) has been accepted for publication in the The Computer Journal.

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