Recent technological advances are revolutionizing our ability to capture real-time and high-detail data about the environment, for example with in-situ monitoring technologies like wireless geosensor networks. However, advances in data capture have not been matched by advances in our ability to extract useful knowledge about environmental changes from these new data sources. This project is bridging that gap, by developing new techniques for interacting with environmental sensor data that will help human experts better understand and make decisions based on that data.

The project «sense+know» aims to design and test new techniques for semi-automatically identifying meaningful objects, events, and patterns from voluminous, real-time, heterogeneous, and high-detail geospatial sensor data about the environment.

The interdisciplinary project team possesses the expertise required to bridge the gap between the environmental data we capture today, and the improvements to environmental decision making we require tomorrow.

This research is funded by Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP120100072, From environmental monitoring to management: Extracting knowledge about environmental events from sensor data, Matt Duckham; Allison Kealy; Kai-Florian Richter; Stephan Winter; Stuart Kininmonth; Alexander Klippel; Patrick Laube; Jarod Lyon; David Medyckyj-Scott; Tim Wark, 2012-2015.

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