Values, vision, mission

AmSI is about embedding in our everyday, dynamic environment the
capability to respond to geospatial queries about the patterns and
events that are occurring.

The aim of AmSI@Umelb is to conduct high quality scientific research
in the area of AmSI, creating new knowledge about robust computing
with uncertain spatiotemporal information in distributed and
decentralized geospatial information systems.

In achieving this aim, the group values:

  • team work, in particular a supportive research environment,
    collaboration within the group, and intellectual generosity and
    sharing of ideas;
  • intellectual curiosity, such as seeking out and attending
    conferences and seminars, and engaging with ideas and building links
    with academics in other disciplines;
  • research excellence, demonstrated through rigorously peer-reviewed
    publications in the highest quality journals and conferences in the
    field, as well as awards and commercialization;
  • contribution to society, through pursuing free and open access of
    all research outputs, as well as through a range of activities within
    the group including contributions to teaching, advice and consultancy,
    contributions to professional societies, and career development;
  • academic integrity, in generating original and significant
    scientific work, as well as in upholding the highest standards of
    openness and academic honesty.

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