• Artwork

    The original artwork for this book was provided by John Stell. As well as being a computer scientist at the University of Leeds, John is an artist whose practice is concerned with drawing and other processes by which images are communicated and manipulated.

    Walking Drawing No. 3, digital drawing. John Stell, 2011.

    John Stell's artwork

    The image derives from a digital drawing process in which marks are accumulated while walking. It is analogous to drawing by moving the paper, rather than the drawing instrument. The subsequent combination of the fragments is essentially a collage of parts of many maps, each from a different viewpoint. The means of gathering the components of the image suggests a kind of decentralized recording in which the various places on the walk generate their own descriptions without there being any privileged overall view as in conventional map-making.

    John Stell, www.johnstell.com