research group

Matt Duckham leads his research group in spatial computing in the School of Science at RMIT University, and previously in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne.

CurrentĀ researcher in the group are:

  • Alan Both (Postdoctoral researcher)
  • Yaguang Tao (PhD student)
  • Rui Fernandes (PhD student)
  • Valentina Cerutti (PhD student)
  • Jeremy Yeoman (PhD student)

Past research groupĀ members include:

  • Dr Peter Zhong (postdoctoral researcher) [now researcher at IBM Research Labs, Australia]
  • Dr Susanne Bleisch (postdoctoral researcher) [now Professor of Geovisualization, FHNW, Switzerland]
  • Dr Myeonghun Jeong (graduated PhD student, postdoctoral researcher) [now postdoctoral researcher at CyberGIS center, UIUC, USA]
  • Dr Zaffar Ghouse (graduated PhD student) [now Business Development and Research Manager at CRCSI, Australia]
  • Dr Lin-Jie Guan (postdoctoral researcher, graduated PhD student)
  • Dr Patrick Laube (postdoctoral researcher) [now Director of Geoinformatics Research Group at ZHAW, Switzerland]
  • Dr Jafar Sadeq (graduated PhD student)
  • Dr Azadeh Mousavi (graduated PhD student)
  • Lisa Cheong (PhD student)
  • Melissa Shahrom (PhD student)